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How to begin…...

1) Before beginning Carolyn will take time to discuss any request, or preferences you might have for your painting. Your ideas are welcomed. A portrait may include images relating to your profession, location, possessions, etc..
Carolyn’s experience affords her many ideas to accomplish your desires with clarity and life like color.
2) After an in depth discussion, Carolyn will devise a written outline of what you would like to accomplish through your portrait. This assures complete understanding of requests and gives you a chance to add to, or redefine any expectations.

3) When both client and artist are sure of all requests, and client approves final draft, artist will accept a 50% (fifty percent) deposit.

4) Now we are ready to arrange a photographic session at our location or yours. This allows the artist to capture the best possible image from which to paint the oil portrait.

5) When this image has been digitally mastered, the image will be shown to the client for final approval. After the client’s approval the oil portrait will take approximately 3 (three) months to complete.

6) Many of us would like to have an oil portrait of our loved ones.If however a loved one has become too ill to be photographed, or has passed on, it may still be possible to create oils. If you have a photograph from your family collection that has a clear image, the artist may be able to digitally master it for size and clarity. This would be determined on an individual basis and would have to be submitted to and approved by artist.

7) While we enjoy seeing our parents and children artfully portrayed, we also have those special pets that have made our families complete. We have the home and land where we raised our families. That scene that comes to mind when one thinks of home.
Carolyn particularly loves painting pets and scenic landscape. They can complete the collection of our life memories. Family oil portraits add much more to our homes than the usual décor art that fill our walls yet have no sentimental value. The backgrounds, props and special possessions in each painting should tell a story about you and your family. These rich oils hanging on our walls allow us to tastefully share that which we value with visiting friends and loved ones.



Due to many different variables, you will need to call and discuss your portrait needs.

Variables include: How many people, pets, size of the canvas, size as in three quarter - full length - head and shoulders, background detail, foreground detail, clothing, indoors, outdoors, etc...



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